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Only 2 More Days Until "As It Seems" Takes CayFilm, with Q&A Moderated by Comedian Gre

Comedian Greg Benson headshot.

Cayfilm is almost here and "As It Seems" is ready! Only 2 more days until we screen our short, followed by a Q&A with Director, Nancy Menagh, and moderator Greg Benson. Greg Benson is a comedian runs Youtube channel MediocreFilms, which boasts over 1.5 million subscribers. He has also created prank series for Official Comedy, and DreamworksTV. Anything can happen when a comedian moderates your Q&A, so we're excited to field all his questions. Chances are, we're in store for a fun night. For all those attending, we can't wait to see you there!

"As It Seems" film still announcing its nomination for best short film from CayFilm Cayman International Film Festival.

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