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About The Film

A 1960's housewife, believing her husband is having an affair with the maid, makes a drastic decision. But we soon discover that not everything is as it seems.

Annette, a 1960's suburban housewife, comes face to face with her worst nightmare: the fear that her pretty (and youthful) maid, Mona, has seduced her husband, and may be plotting against her. Her fears are reinforced when their actions appear to be more and more suspicious. When decorating her home for a holiday party, she confides in her best friend, Shelley, who supports her suspicions and encourages Annette to act. At the party, Annette watches her husband give Mona a tin of cookies, and Mona flirtatiously laugh at his jokes. Finally pushed to the edge, Annette makes a decision from which there is no turning back. The result is the unraveling of the life she has created for herself.

Nothing is experienced as an absolute. Every situation is viewed from a perspective that has been affected by a personalized past and particular view of the present. Throughout the film, the audience views everything through Annette’s eyes, experiencing her suspicions and fears as she does. 

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